Advertisement. Many of us live in fear of reading a spoiler about our favorite TV show or an upcoming blockbuster. 14 August 2011. Fans will tell you that spoilers either ruin the experience or enhance it, but if you ask me it’s more complicated than that. UPDATE: Someone suggested that no one here read the article referred to in the question's supplemental details. Share page. A study was conducted with 2 groups. Share. FREE SPEED READING COURSE you get frustrated when someone spoils a story? image caption JK … Almost certainly not. Copy link. They rip out ask the suspense and enjoyment, they wreck-- Wait, you're saying people actually like a work MORE if it's been spoiled for them? close. Despite the fact that most people have experienced a spoiler enhancing their enjoyment of a story, the vast majority of people still think that spoilers ruin stories … Do Spoilers Actually Ruin Stories? Spoiler alert: Spoilers don't ruin stories, after all Luke, I am your father! And some read the story with a spoiler disclaimer in the preface. It's not like Twitter could ruin the end of a John Wayne movie.) Next time someone is about to spoil your favorite show, don’t plug your ears: research shows that "spoilers" actually make you enjoy stories more. Spoilers give away endings before stories begin and the conventional wisdom is that they diminish suspense and ruin a story, but here’s the twist… Research by UC San Diego psychologists find that spoilers make reading stories more enjoyable ( Story spoilers don’t spoil stories ). A recent study found that spoilers — or giving away key plot details — may not ruin an experience entirely, but can reduce suspense and decrease overall enjoyment. Knowing the twist in a movie, book or TV show doesn't spoil the experience, a new study shows. Are you serious? About sharing. Many people live in fear of being "spoiled" for a story by finding out the ending. July 19, 2016 by Zak Long. Spoilers 'do not ruin stories', study says. The other group was asked to do the same, but before they started reading, they were given a synopsis of the story along with the ending, thus “spoiling” the story. Spoilers ruin everything. Read more. I both read it and dealt with some of its claims in my answer. This is what Derek Thompson argues in “In Defense of Spoilers.” Apparently, anticipation of a twist can take away our enjoyment of the parts… But a new study . Dodging spoilers on the internet is no easy task, especially if your ex is using them as a form of revenge. Researchers at UC San Diego are now claiming that they have evidence that spoilers enhance the reading experience by helping you enjoy stories more, but I don’t think they’re accounting for the full impact of spoilers. Published. One was asked to read the story normally. New study shows that knowing spoilers doesn't ruin a story. The group that read the spoiled story enjoyed it more than the group that read it normally.

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