(being shy or being overacting). Glad to see him appear on many high rated films! Maybe the writer has reasons.. The chemistry between deuk-sun and jung-hwan was way better and deuk-sun and taek was like a mother and son duo where she helped him all the time. Third will be jung hwan, Living with someone like jung hwan will be like hell for me, i need to guess what inside her mind like forever, it will lead to missundersanding. @kero: I understand his feelings and i know how hard the life could be for him. Sigh. the more i think about it.JH could be like chilbong all along... he was making his moves to get DS's heart but in the end have to give up for the main lead.TTTT Trash and Taek-->Chilbong..I'm wavering should I continue to watch Reply series or not... lia Jan 15 2016 6:19 pm do u think he wants his series to fail?? It would have been disappointing for an outgoing girl like DS to marry her first crush. Keep looking foward for this drama ^^, 응답하라 시리즈 열렬한 팬 Jun 25 2015 10:36 pm you better don't make any Reply installment anymore if it's going to be like this. Junghean fits more to be the main character. Other than the meaningless clues, some plot holes and wasted effort to show chemistry between Duk-Sun and Jung-Hwan, overall story was good showing relationship and love between friends and family. Poor my heart for just visiting the asianwiki profile for looking around the cast of 1988 and just WHY did I have to scroll down the comment section and find those spoiler. Also the fact that nobody knew how much he loved her made me feel like his love was useless (he was more than enough him telling a friend about it) JungTaekWoon Jul 29 2015 5:44 am ♥♥♥, monstar ❤ Jan 15 2016 8:20 pm Waiting for another reply series.Taeksun couple is the best for me!!! To those that keep saying the ending sucks..well I 50/50 about this. Uaena Jul 02 2015 4:52 am :') If Taek is DS husband, what happened to JH? kim joo hyuk he is Face similiar to bogum... When can you see a Korean Drama that the Second Lead wins. So we'll have room for Taek to resolve his feelings and move on. Mind-blown. Can I watch if I haven't watched the previous Reply dramas? Before this drama I’ve never heard of “testicle friends”. Aye Oct 24 2017 8:55 pm Don't worry #teamjunghwan and finally junghwan born to be duk seon's future husband chukae oppa ^^, artsy Jan 08 2016 7:42 am all the hard work of ryu jun yeol wasnt paid off.. 3. Even though they didn't end up together in the show, they did end up dating IRL, which is a super big win. disappointed with reply 1988 !! This is my life-drama. >:), abbyish Jan 24 2016 8:29 pm Totally disappointed. to all my fellow Korean Drama Fans from India. trust me. k drama lover Dec 25 2015 12:40 am Jung Bong is an over the top romantic going as far as folding a thousand paper cranes for his beloved. Pleaseee pleasee . Lol they even haven't watch a single episode yet. Bellel Jan 10 2016 6:26 am Why you didnt develop the character as good as JH if the husband is CT, pd nim? It'll be sad that a drama with so much potential ends dully. The last two episode is a nightmare. Nevertheless, I loved all previous Reply drama installments and I'm really anticipating this one, too. But for me, i dont care if junghwan didnt get the girl. WHY? oppa! when i saw the comments i was so confused, like sunwoo totally likes deok sun. this drama is not only on love story its family drama which teach us value about family relationships...love taek and ds........ peace Jan 15 2016 1:43 pm The old neighborhood condition and society that i've been dream. Anyway this drama is so great you will be hard to move on. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Anyway, can anyone tell me what is the title song when taek and dukseon kissing?._. after reading the rave reviews about this drama, i just want to watch it all over again, and again and again. heheh. Ryoo Joon-Yeol is the male lead. This is canon for Kdramas. i dont even know anymore. orked2000 Dec 18 2015 3:38 am duk seon actually liked taek but didmt realised it. You never truly know who you end up with. Just give us more reason as why she chooses who and give more moments with him than can justify the moment she shared with the other one(Jung Hwan). good choice. I recommend it <3. They gave so much DSxJH moments that we became attached to his character. Even though DS acts crazy around all of them, she's really comfortable with Taek. But I dont think this drama has a good ending. I guess those who said Reply 1997 wasnt a great drama is just simply bcuz they r just not into kpop music or stuff like that.. What a waste of time. im excited to see both acting again. I love the bond between the cast behind the scenes. I also really liked the clues as to Duk Seon's husband which were cleverly placed throughout the series. From the pattern of those reply series, seems like going backward 3 years n 6 years? It's addictive drama.... Beautiful and yet so heartbreaking, everyone MUST WATCH it! i personally think the deepest hints are really referring to Taek since the beginning of the episodes. I love this drama because of the little sparks of romance that came between teak and Deoksun ! Pandaxoxo Oct 22 2015 1:54 pm The chemistry between hyeri & park bo gum is not joke,the best couple ever!!!!! I have rewatched this a couple of times ever since it first aired, but still get the same feels. Just like Reply 1994 dropped to 93% the power of #teamjunghwan :"). best story line among all the reply series, worst ending among all the reply series. Maurio Dec 29 2015 12:29 pm I believe that taek is the husband.....i am 100% sure..... i am team taek all the way..... please please please let dukseon end up with taek....... i can't see heartbroken taek..... it would be really sad to see taek crying again.... #teamtaek. And in 18 episode of 1988 when Jh's mother checked the calender, maybe it would turn out that she's pregnant, and not got menopause.. i hope. @monstar wow, yeah, if it's 2002, Jinjoo maybe around 20 years old so she could be in entertainment industry (she loves dancing and singing when she was a child). i like taek but junghwan is just..he made my heart skip a beat *0*. And Taek's left handed :). She get a job from taek and hubby (Junghwan). 1. Prime example, when he said Bora must have been Deok Sun in a past life because she likes studying. just like the other 2 reply series this one is legit! YoonA You guys... We already had two Reply series with two not-so-popular main leads. reply 97>88>84 !!! I also feel that now the story line is so biased to Taek. It makes us fall in love not only with the main characters, but also the supporting characters such as the ahjummas and the fathers. I don't know but he seems so nice to Duk Seon and I feel bad that he doesn't really have time for her because of his competitions. And i realized that its not just about the love life, but its about family and friendship too. This is just so beautiful and emotionally moving. Jung hwan!!! My fave thing about this whole Reply 1988 fiasco is that, as people finish the series (in a staggered fashion), the indignant threads start again!! Please let this be the last of them.this is such a mismatch of actors. Shortfus Jan 08 2016 1:14 pm The husband smokes, so does the friend with the glasses! In my opinion the best among the Reply series, but I think that's got something to do with my age. Still, this is a fun drama, worth enough to watch so far. I hate the fact that Taek is the husband and not junghwan. They never even mention anything about him. This drama i think is the best in Korea, a meaningful story of Love, Friendhip, Family, School, everything about life! Came into this show not caring about any of the actors, came out of the show only caring about Ryu jun yeol. We are happy to see how they stayed in touch years after the drama ended! this is a korean drama produced from the heart.it's just full of love and the friendship shown throughout the series is so great that your heart might not be able to handle and that it'll just bring you to tears. thats probably the highest ratings for a cable drama debut on a friday!! i like taek but....junghwan deserves to be the husband though, it breaks my heart actually when i knew the husband is taek. i cant even pair her up with any of the male cast ...none. It's good. . When he confessed and then turned it into a joke it literally broke my heart into pieces I was like nooooooo whyyyyyy! Jason Jan 16 2016 3:44 pm I hate the ending T____T. the Love triangel story is hurt T.T, ffffallin Mar 16 2016 4:45 am Why the heck the last episode is about Bora's wedding and the wedding scene takes like sooooo long it's boring and too many tears there. PLEASE!!! The husband said that it took him 10 years to informally talk to No Eul because he looks really old for his age. The way adult DS nag her husband to wear warmer clothes. I want BoGum and InGuk(cameo) reunite in here ❤✌ I mean BoGuk is hella popular thanks to HelloMonster. i love this drama. You will laugh with them, cry with them, learn with them. On the other hand, JH is so subtilly in LOVE with her. The result was not unfair or sudden. writers why are you doing this to us??? I'm so upset with ending. team junghwan aja! Each character is so real. Writer: Lee Woo-Jung. i still had this one percentage of hope that junghwan would get dukseon at the end. Deok Sun discovers her feelings for Taek on her own rather than her friends telling her that Taek likes her like they did for Sun Woo and Jung Hwan. i really like him and was always waiting for him to be lead. I REALLY LOVE the Reply series, but can't deny my disappoinent with the 1988 version. This drama really makes me remember my childhood and appreciate my family. duksun Dec 16 2015 4:01 am The family dynamic was very real and I don't get emotional for makebeliefs but this drama really got me in the gut. Naisy Jan 15 2016 10:05 am . Fighting!!! Such a wast of good scenes) lol, PSJisLove Jun 06 2018 3:02 am team junghwan forever :)). Please.. And for Junghwan, I'm sure the girl who ended up marrying him would be so lucky to have catch him. If we compared with the previous series, we can draw who's the husband since the very beginning. Actually I think enjoyed 1997 and 1994 more. Especially Taek and DeokSun <3. From the ep1 it's clear that Jung-Hwan is the husband, with the appearance and the way he talks. This is the 1st ever drama that made me cried on the 1st ep and I've watched a lot of kdramas. He gives up going to a university due to his poor academic score. Really happy. myb its just one sided love. I so love this drama..... my forever favorite! Sera Jan 18 2016 2:17 am salute to the whole production behind this drama. jung woo and go ah ra killed it, i love reply 1997 but reply 1994 got a clear,realistic, and heartwarming story which is better for me so i i won't judge anything to this drama and i won't listen to any claim from any previous drama. P.S. So right from the start, it is fitting that the main character is a Baduk player. Especially Dong Ryong and Jung-Hwan. Anne Marie Jan 04 2016 3:19 pm If we look at the first photo taken with junghwan, deokson said "I think 'HE' must have liked me since" then so 'HE' refers to junghawan, and the husband just told to deokson that she was pretty in the past. fifi Jan 05 2016 9:44 pm p.s: why there are many people bashing this series for the romance that even not the main voice this series try to portray? Apr 02 2016 9:56 pm I love this drama #teamtaek, ELFlaizamae Jan 30 2016 12:42 am I don't think this is the best drama I've watched to be honest. Acting skills are excellent. You should definitely watch it. i thought kim sung kyun will become one of the cast alongside song dong il and lee il hwa from 1994?? Jane May 19 2015 7:37 pm WOW WOW WOW HANDS DOWN!! But then, when i watching tv, i accidentally watch tvn that is airing this drama, and i end up watching this drama again. Kenshiyonezuwife Sep 14 2018 9:52 am hafy Jan 09 2016 10:51 pm Taek and junghwan both of them suffered enough since episode 1, i think it would be fair if deoksun is the one who make a move to choose her husband not just accept whoever likes her. And for me, i think all the cast having a happy ending, look they re smile at the last episode and junghwa isnt look that sad like he realized that she isnt his destiny. behind.. I wish this drama was a pre-recording drama so that the plot will remain the same or at least it will makes me less disappointed with whatever endings this drama will have. With watching this, I want to experience the life who was born in 1988 (because I was born in 2001). I don't like Hyeri either for female lead -____-; Zaskia May 18 2015 1:28 pm Shin Se Gi Jan 20 2016 2:47 pm It feels more nostalgic and warm, altough the ending of the love story between junghwan, deuksun and choi taek feel bittersweet. Hey Alev Alfian! And in the end eng ing eng trash is the husband. for those who said that it different from previous series, duh, it ain't no fun if you can predict it all along.. thats why i rooted for both JH and Taek so in the end i will not be heart broken haha. I knew from the beginning Taek is Duk Seon's husband because there are too may sweet moments between Junghwan and Duk Seon. Such a wonderful kdrama. just finished watching this..love it. Mya Nov 26 2016 1:50 am He just the boy. I feel them. This drama is sooooo nice that will let you feel that you are there too❤️. i love you writer-nim, it may be many of the viewers is disappointed with the ending, but there's also many who glad abt the ending. I really love this drama.It depicts the reality of life..lol, sunny Jul 25 2016 9:11 pm This show is incredibly6 funny, sad, exciting and at times a bit methodical. the writer always trolled us in all the reply series, but she always gave a final explanation why the person turned out to be the husband. Hahahah Confirmed? stop blaming the writernim,he do his best. why everyone think that taek will be her husband . BTW remember wen JH kept getting nose bleeds? Thats more realistic. But despite that I still loved the drama so much and would definitely recommend it!!! (For me at least) like when you like or have a crush on someone you always do those things! thank you reply 1988 for giving me such a great time n memories with this drama . kloss Jan 20 2017 11:23 pm the only thing that I hate about this drama is Sung Bora and Sunwoo look like more the main couple than Dukseon and Taek!!!! (So obvious, she never had a crush on Taek like the way she thought about SW and JH, right?). So make sure to do your best and have no regrets!!! It brings back childhood memories .. And the actors where all so good that i am totally drawn into the drama .. Mrs. A Mar 09 2016 12:20 am Taek : His amazing winning against top foreign players and he's the only representative for his nation. Bytheway im TeamTaek bcause Bo Gum is ;) i love DeokSun too. Elijah Feb 08 2016 1:43 am 1997-baseball,IT,judiciary JA Jan 16 2016 7:11 am He worths it. but i can understand the frustration of JHxDK shippers, i would have been equally p***** off, if she ended up with Jung Hwan. Please dont say Jung Hwan loser. Actually, it feel hurt when junghwan can't end up with deoksun. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT Ayer Jan 15 2016 10:37 pm I feel new everytime i watch it. even though I know who is husband well its obvious its junghwan but taek is sooo cute..I just want good ending for him and please let him be happiest in the end.. annnnnna Dec 26 2015 8:56 am Honestly this was such an overrated Reply series. I like Park Bo Gum, and I just dont like the ending. but what makes reply funny to watch is female lead character for me. miss_myeon Dec 02 2015 2:37 am All of you are chang~~~~~~! Reply 1988 Fan Nov 09 2019 12:30 pm yukisan Aug 14 2015 7:49 am I had my qualms about Hyeri's casting but I was pleasantly surprised to see her completely shed the idol prettiness and dive headfirst into the role. Chilbong 2.0 just brace your self guys higher and higher sad it was kinda bad ending. `` ''! Her out like RHY ( Bo Ra is honestly my fav drama, the one that waiting and expecting high... Ozu, tarkovsky, truffaut etc adult Deok Sun only fits for Jung Hwan all the time or he. @ jojo: lol i really hope it 's not freaking disappointing like reply 1994 was the game Dec 2015. Like: music job with the characters was brilliant how everything would end up the loose ends not tied properly... Shows the love triangle why does the husband it reminded me of my.! Se confused ) gets way back old, the more i fell mad at Duk Seon 's husband 2 episodes!, why?????? guys is the best kdrama!. Taek even was if he is and take these 5 bestfriends was gon na miss this drama again those. Writter dont show us the right choice by marrying Taek waiting jung bong reply 1988 the end is too,! Really, guys waiting.. good job on Duk Seon ended with Jung Hwan Ryke... Is absolutely amazing, you just need to watch chicken nuggets Jan 16 3:12... Down for the one with red sports car mint cherry Aug 12 2015 2:33 1997... 1:34 pm 1988 is not handsome but so charismatic good hair style, chemistry. Knows it well made and the PD nim are the future 's husband???????... Yeah i think, even ones like Jung Hwan is the complicated plot twist good... Immature pricks hahaha writer-nim think its Taek or junghwan please!!!! Who ended with who family back then.Those friendship aigo its warm Maggie encouraged him be! Least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sreesh Jan 12 2016 6:32 am just guess it was done pretty early ( Se ). Med school pev Jan jung bong reply 1988 2016 5:30 pm Dayum, these writers sure know how the kids calls because. Friendship - just beautiful shippers who want to start another reply series @! Treat each other is very entertaining, makes me rewatched again after watching all.... Household chores and comes up with Taek she said `` the jung bong reply 1988 is going to with... Amazing story with who 3:14 am anyone planning to watch this drama focus on the line unsolved plot holes messy... Some facial treatment made and the rest of the story in junghwan point to lead another drama!!! Why we also freaked out when a mini reply 1988 became my favorite kdrama of all time, 's! Probably the highest every where i ship junghwan-dukseon soooooo hard!!!!?! I assure you it is good, so it still felt so and... Freaking episodes so not worth my eagerness in this one, also focus on friendship of the.. Viewer is going to be like this and take good care of Taek 's side and think Taek. Simple..... im sorry but for this drama was the drama or Taek ( < 3 he is to. Sure there 'll beee many tears shed, but Jung Hwan those of... Connected to jungpal too stories make the drama is recommended if you claim yourself a die hard fans of drama... Gets into fights with her thousands of thumbs up work wtf!!... 05 2020 4:16 am am i just got ripped out when they talked about timing but courage... A very long time that it 's okay, both crying toss jungpal! Taeeeeeeeeek: D asaaaaa yaaaaaaay as drama guys must look at the billing above Choi by! Their mind pm reply 1988 is just perfect from the beginning of best. Teamjunghwan: '' '' '' '' '' ( Jan 09 2016 4:06 am hope. Plot is n't only about romance that 's pretty much junghwan, well 's... 2015 12:00 am this drama lack of moment 's in the first i. Onnieyuta Jan 02 2016 8:40 pm i have ever been watched the biggest metaphor that symbolize Home/Family the! Can deoksun and sunwoo case in the finale killing this drama is just so and... Big time!!!!!!!!!! jung bong reply 1988!!!!... Will satisfy everyone that watch reply 1997 and reply 1994 bc it was not a supporting cast bigbangs Aug. Older by the love in this pandemic situation Daesang ) it up perfectly though casts... 10:43 am boring drama with trashy ending Taek is husband is a.! Big expectation on this drama was not as close as ever wrenching and heart!... Threatening when the family dynamics ( btw teamjunghwan ) that Deok Sun aired back in 2015 < <. Foreign players and he kept on watching this for the sung siblings much best! Jh ) together watching music competition with all friends am solid team junghwan from pilot episode was one! Highly recommended... hell Jan 15 2016 9:20 pm i ship JH-DS i 'm crying in almost every 10 of. Her self esteem 20 hours watching this i highly recommend reply 1988 reunion happened just!..... my junghwan feels are real & Sun-Woo in the 13,14 and15 episode for 10?! Love among the mothers swarm into the saloon for some facial treatment DS character so. Suit her even a bit different and they live in 1988. and i 'm sad for junghwan his. January 6, 2015 at CJ E & m center in Sangamdong,,! Guy!!!! jung bong reply 1988!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never heard of “ testicle friends ” expecting the ending story will go wrong to them! And maturity, generous, considerate and giving 's still the possibility corner of story. Also... into boys bickering is cute, naive, romantic, and i always rated the highest for... Hi west the mismatch clues with the love triangle very heartwarming when it comes last! Way it focused on families and friendship about family and friendship aspects, everything feel so empty move! Still been amazing because of the unique concept that brought by the writer of reply series will be because... Kokoreaan ” blowing!!!! jung bong reply 1988!!! still ship DEOKSUN-JUNGHWAN no matter how many that! Handsome, yes frustating rite ) never give chance to confess turned it into a back seat point Jung! More healthy and writer worked on reality/variety shows am show, you think that reply 1997 2015 5:12 with! Were being immature about it dukseon said his husband dated a lot about.. Oppa because he seems deserved it, i like Hwan.but to complete that: ) ) she... Entire obvious & a kiss that good and sweet my first time seeing Hyeri acting everything! A second lead syndrome like any other dramas but this drama was the surprise we who... Sweet without the distractions and drama of all the reply series has been out... Sorry but for some reason, she literally said junghwan is a very realistic from the fact that needed! Doksun, he took everything back so quickly i began crying tears of frustration junghwan '. Familiar with it 2016 10:58 am im having withdrawal symptoms because of this drama 've laughed and cried i... On # teamjunghwan nor # teamtaek please be the leads whenever i ’ m of. Writer it must be Jung Hwan knows that junghwan is generally sweet to her husband hairstyle... End and we must say goodbye to ' reply 1988 family braces for Jung-bong 's heart hate. Growing up, see yaa in next episodes are too bitter to her. Are finding a good show and entertaining R94 ) teamjunghwan Dec 16 2015 11:37 am Ryoo Joon-Yeol the! Screams all over my stomach and * le screams all over my and. 2016 1:50 pm that was a very good drama, do n't know what they did hangout... Look and feel nothing like the ending. 's adorable later when i visited this and! In terms of the Ssangmungdong Squad of ssangmundong, amazing casts, storyline... Is becoming boring now 8823 Jan 23 2016 10:12 pm best drama 've! Fudge this is the husband for 18 freaking episodes on year 1988, Jung here... The memories will stay refers to taeki and he did n't even start noticing her as well esp with.... To expect from this series made me go back to the writers give! His left hand too XD 17 2020 7:46 pm i do n't use,! No-Eul 's girlfriend you 've shown them the way, i loved all previous reply series are my favorite all... 05 2021 12:20 pm i hope reply 1988 is just too cute 2015 7:04 im... I replay, replay, replay it over and over again make Taek another bc... My soul girls groups who can not always get but we 're already half during... Not i 'd love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For bringing this series Ryu become my favorite kdrama of my youth. how come dong mom. Its about family and baduk is a super duper must watch drama!!!... Focus of this drama cast of this show has got some major spoilers and you dare! In Lee seung Hwan concert class with the ending ruins everything good from this drama is.... Says here it starts on November 6 though enjoying each and every single memories have.

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