Anywhere. It is comforting to know that the average music reviewer sees just how awful 3oh3 are. I really didn't mean to post that five times... oops, my bad. Or you could even get mad that there are lots of people working for cigarette and alcohol companies that do a lot more damage to our youth than lyrics about a dead deaf person. Yes, it's a regression and in an ideal world women wouldn't stand for it, and it would never have gotten played, but this isn't the ideal world, and there's worse music that has gotten played. One of the mothers told us that her daughter came home from school on Friday and told her that she wanted to "do the Hellen Keller". So far, that it becomes a personal attack. On radio stations across the country, 3OH!3’s … So there! I worked at Hot Topic for quite a while, and I was also absolutely appalled at how many young women like these bands. 3OH!3's 'Don't Trust Me' is about a violent rape, homicide, and necrophilia. Do I go on a rant about it? So who might you be, now that we are divulging identities? why pin it all on one offender? Anonymous replied on Wed, 07/08/2009 - 8:53am. I love how your age and personal taste in music seem, to you, to have to do with the fact that the lyrics are straight out sexist and offensive to the disabled. I love satire, I love borderline offensive art that actually points out the irony of the content within it. Neither do any of my friends. Obviously that was more hope than the situation warranted. Commentary like this is why feminists get such a bad rep. It was nothing short of ritualistic and cultish. I remember a time before the internet, and having to look up information in an encyclopedia. The difference between me and them, being that when I first got my cell phone in high school, camera phones and even texting didn't really exist yet. Although, I usually use the word "satire." See? What ever happened to saying what you think is authentically right? I seirously doubt 3oh!3 is being ironic. Our airwaves are already filled with this crap, to me their music is just contributing to the pollution. I was actually reading up on the differences between Gen X and Gen Y (I myself fall into the MTV Generation, between X and Y) and of course, the new "Z" generation, and it's astounding how kids are different now from when I was growing up and from when Gen X-ers were growing up. Once I recovered from the severe case of douchelash these lyrics brought upon me, I was able to do a bit of investigative research. So we would appreciate it if you stepped off your high horse and at least realized YOU ARE BEING AS SNOBBISH, STEREOTYPICAL, and DEGRADING as 3!oh!3 with your comments. Anonymous replied on Mon, 08/10/2009 - 3:45pm, Hahaha Bitch The Whole Point Of 3Oh!3 Is To Make The Songs As Bad As Possible- Thur Makin Fun Of Every Other Offenceive Rap Song- Its A Damn Joke Lol, You're right; I accidentally linked to the British techno band instead of the American group "Lyte Funky Ones." Just because some cookies are burnt doesn't mean the whole batch is ruined. It's funny you mention "Lonely Island" because that is something that they used to watch. How dare they refer to women as 'hoes'! Their sophomore record "Want"reached number 44 on the Billboard 200, and the single off of it "Don't Trust Me" reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100. i do not "sleep around", in fact, I don't even do that with any person. My whole reason about arguing over this is to try and be just one more person who takes action for themselves and takes recognition over the fact that what I am hearing is wrong. Every other thing he says to me is "OMG, FML" (FML means "fuck my life", I had to look it up), I tell him he can say "fuck my life" to me when he's a month past due on his rent and he hasn't eaten anything besides mac & cheese and ramen for a year and he's sold everything he owns just to pay for that; then we'll talk about "fuck my life". Really you guys thats not an excuse. Apparently, if you are the type of chick who thinks its ok to let over privledged white suburban jerks degrade certain types of girls, if you think these women deserve their treatment because of the way they dress or drink in public, you can feel really affirmed and superior when you hear a song like "Don't Trust a Ho." I think douchebag is a relatively mild term for guys who perpetuate the very double standards and slurs that men have used for centuries to justify the way they demean, abuse and discriminate against women. I was not aware that they are still getting attention and growing larger. Men DO just want to set women up in daisy dukes so that they can knock them down! I could be wrong, but with here is an excerpt that has contributed to my interpretation: She wants to touch me (Woah)/ She wants to love me (Woah)/ She’ll never leave me (Woah, woah, oh, oh)/ Don’t trust a ho/ Never trust a ho/ Won’t trust a ho/ Cause a ho won’t trust me. 'Play (dirty)' By David Banner I must say that yes, so many other teenagers love rap, 3!oh!3, fml, and other "garbage", but when you say "these kids today", you are saying ALL kids and teenagers are self-centered little brats who really need an education. If you haven't noticed, a lot of people just like the sound, they think it's catchy for some reason. Those dudes are annoying, and are clearly so far up their own asses that their videos are also really trite and uninspired (and, you know, full of the aforementioned woman hate). They're nothing more than talentless, over-privileged white suburbanites. Lyrics included in the video! . I agree. So it's no wonder why music like this is popular with them. Anonymous replied on Thu, 07/09/2009 - 3:14am. Apparently, this single and its creators are sweeping the nation this summer, delivering a message of doucherty and douchetice for all. Your genitals do not make you any more or less sexist than the next person. It was a bad joke. I just see him as a spoiled-ass suburbanite who really, really needs to wake up and smell the reality of what is outside of those "cushy" suburbs and it really, really is a whole different world out there ... re: 3Oh!3 - Colorado has done and can do much, much better than this. i heard a couple of their songs and what they reference , well to me it seems sexist.... i'm just saying, they have some good beats but it does kinda annoy me but they can do what they like, its free speech.. just wondering if anyone thought the same.. In unison the audience began chanting “three oh three oh three…” and touched their thumbs and forefingers together to make the neo-iconic 3OH!3 hand symbol. Anonymous replied on Tue, 07/07/2009 - 11:18am. Please fix your viewpoint and comments, to represent the truth. Well, I guess the world is going to be a much different place, except us MTV generation-ers will be hopefully giving these kids a swift kick in the behind! Sloth rules the digital age and everyone praises and throws money at these people, boo! Kids are to damn lazy to even spell things out, they use numbers, letters and acronyms... good gravy! Chances are you also noticed there blatantly obvious misogynic references that are apparent in just about every song they release. The dynamic duo of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte have taken 3OH!3 from the foothills of Boulder, CO to a household name – if we’re talking house parties. 5 years ago | 3 views. Erynn replied on Mon, 07/20/2009 - 11:48am, The way you are saying that the youth of today are spoiled, catered to, and totally unknowledgable of "good, talented musicians, actors, directors or authors" is very stereotypical, and I find that offensive, rude, and a very uneducated opinion. This is news to you and the writer of this rant: No worries. Anonymous replied on Mon, 07/06/2009 - 8:22pm. Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Here are a few fairly recent samples of the abundant “mysandric-type" songs in today’s pop music world…listen to the tone of the lyrics…very different from 3OH!3. caffeineadddict replied on Mon, 07/06/2009 - 7:42pm. So yes, whether you want to admit it or not, these kids end up getting at least a slight influence from their music and the people they associate themselves with, who also are influenced in some way by their music as well. He has this joke that there's a great party game, to turn out the lights and try to guess who is in your mouth. “LONELY MACHINES” ft 100 gets. And why do people who don't have a vagina try to tell people who do have one when and how to use it? Most music sucks replied on Wed, 05/26/2010 - 11:46pm. You bet it can! Made with SquarespaceSquarespace If you want to know how this music is able to survive in the mainstream, it's because it hides behind the facade of being satirical, which is the reason Borat, The Lonely Island, etc. They don't even write their own lyrics half the time! In my personal experience they have become extremely un-cool. It doesn't make my point any less valid. So I would definitely not put their music into any sort of classification of hip hop. Sorry, but it doesn't take that much to graduate at the top of your class from CU (if that's true). Wow. I doubt any of the kids in high school have even heard of them, and when I was in middle school is when they were popular. Us feminists should stick to reprimanding those, particularly radio-played rappers, who refer to women as bitches and hoes in their lyrics. One of my sisters, only two years younger than I, echoed my brother's sentiments; I can also state with fair certainty that she has little interest in feminist ideals and the like. 3OH!3 are a duo from Boulder, Colorado (i.e., area code 303), whose style of music includes humorous raps, indie electronic beats, and lots of youthful mischief. You're 18, and you didn't know who Helen Keller was? ***SUBSCRIBE*** Rate and comment!! Whitney replied on Wed, 07/08/2009 - 1:22pm. . After gaining recognition from their self-titled debut effort. The British Techno band is actually pretty all right. Anonymous replied on Wed, 07/08/2009 - 11:54am. Geeze! He graduated college from University of Colorado Boulder with an English major and math minor. Reaching this level of fail means only one thing: You must die, or the world will fail itself due to such an extreme level of failage. I still remember when FB was open to a limited number of universities. And you just know that Rhianna had it coming. and do you realize how many artists ACTUALLY write their own music?! I, Myself wouldn't call 3Oh!3 hip hop. You probably shouldn't have gotten me started! 3OH!3 is another reason I am losing even more hope in humanity every day. Ok, I can see where someone might get offended from this song. sexism exits, of course. I have a VERY sarcastic sense of humor, and my friends and I tease each other constantly. They don't seem to really care about the actual meaning of the song, kind of like every single song they listen to. Sissy Panty Buns replied on Mon, 07/06/2009 - 1:59pm. Anonymous replied on Fri, 07/10/2009 - 7:47pm. But in my opinion, it was taken out of context. Because I have had the privilege of knowing these guys for many years, you can take my word that, as far as people go, you have a lot more to be concerned about from many other sources of sexism then 3Oh!3. Perhaps this is because they don't take themselves too seriously. However this does not bother me and I like what I like and let others do the same - be it drinking, smoking, or teeny bopping. Dixie Chicks: Goodbye Earl I would call them an electro-pop/rock alternative group. But anyway I was a HUGE fan of them in middle school and my freshman year and I thought they had fallen off the grid as well, although all their songs still remain on my iPod. You are all getting pretty damn worked up over a JOKE. Some people get angry about the state of world affairs, some people get angry about the kind of music that's being marketed to our youth. The song is called “Don’t Trust Me,” and the offenders performers are the Colorado-based duo 3oh!3. we all know Hellen Keller was a historic figure that did many great things, i've heard worse things from bands. ), I have plenty of other things which I "sink my teeth into" on a daily basis, the Juggernaut that is the music industry and the dumbing down that they perpetuate on the world is not at the very top, but it is of a great concern. Does that not seem like reason enough to be angry with our male-dominated society and the men contained therein? My younger brother, a member of Generation Z, protested that "the song is catchy," which apparently makes up for any qualms with the lyrical content. LFO hasn't had a song in, like, 10 years, so I wouldn't count them as relevant anymore. "I believe her vocal range to be around 2 1/2 to 3 octaves at most." See more ideas about Asking alexandria, Music bands, Music is life. Nor is the whole white-bratty-guy-dance-track breaking any new barriers in pop music. And haha you got me. I myself enjoy classical and obscure Scandinavian metal, both of which take far more talent than either aforementioned pop sensation but due to lack of mass appeal suffer relative obscurity. I mean maybe ill go write a song that goes "Shhsh girl, light the fire, do the Anne Frank and get in the oven". More than likely, an audience member will understand the joke and laugh. The band 3OH!3 graced our campus on Saturday, April 6, but not without first being met by a wave of criticism. He doesn't care about women (aside from them on their knees) he only cares about awful music and defending people who perpetuate misogyny (being a misogynist himself) and letting the world know he is better than them. Everyone who knows them says the same thing, "Their music's ironic; they're perpetuating the greatest inside joke on the music industry EVER!" Obviously, there are exceptions. Or being on shrooms. I am not lazy, afraid of success, swayed by peers, or morally unstable. Anonymous replied on Sat, 07/25/2009 - 10:29am, "All of my friends and class mates know that their songs r hurtful towards women but we dont mind it all of us young people think like that. I am the leader of my church's youth group, am on a district and conference level planning and leadership team, and I will work for anything I want. These guys have really got things figured out. I thought I was cool because I knew of them long before most people did. It's not that these kids didn't have some issues beforehand with boundaries, but it is music like this that basically fuels the flame. 3OH!3 - Double VIsion [Hard] Single Tapping Double Time. My little cousin, who is 19 and in college doesn't know proper grammar, the difference between their, there and they're or anything such as that... he's in fucking college!! "The song includes lyrics that I would never want to sing. I find this very interesting. I believe it is you that is too far up your own ass my dear. 3 fans answered this question Do 3OH!3 smoke? The worst part is, most of the rabid fans I ran into on the Metro were girls. And, as a final complaint, to whomever referred to Michael Jackson as a "child molester": stop following sensationalized media headlines and do a little research. Well, at least cigarette and alcohol companies provide thousands of honest jobs for Americans, they also provide a product that people want a pay for, which HELPS the economy... you straight-edge elitist! I mean, if they are into uniting people around hatred, why not just go all out? Perhaps this is because they don't take themselves too seriously. I think we should probably be friends. Emily Walz replied on Mon, 07/06/2009 - 3:36pm. Or being on a motherfuckin' boat. That little bit of high ground doesn't last so long as the fact that they spend all 3:13 of the song in a giant writhing puppy pile of seemingly desperate girls really sets in and takes hold. VIP packages available. Absolutely not. no. Senior Nick Daverio said 3OH!3 started off the show creating a party atmosphere just by doing as much as possible to get the crowd going. Sounds great, let a new generation remember the holocaust. Instead of being pissed off that a couple Colorado boys are having fun and doing well because of it maybe you should direct your rage at the fact that the country and entire world are more focused on the death of a child molester who also wrote crappy pop music and have completely forgotten about issues such as the two wars our country is fighting, the economy, education, and a slew of other issues. The satire is missed. So maybe their great guys, that means I should go around saying im going to rape and stalk little girls because Im just being funny. Pussycat Dolls: I Don't Need A Man The band, nor the majority of there listeners act any of what they say out in real life. Don't give them "ironic" and "intelligent" credit. Osu! My generation simply doesn't have the desire to find insight and emotional connections through music anymore. And when I was a freshman in college, Facebook was just being created, and same with Myspace. Glory unto the 303 and the boys making her famous! I also play basketball, participate in dance and musicals, and am on the school newspaper. Boundaries in which are established by social context, personal experience, and the difference between funny and not funny. Some people get angry about the war, some people get angry about the media. No. I'm glad other people believe that the dumbing down of our youth through media is an issue. Tell me how making tons of money for the industry off of poppy junk that you didn't even write, and being a total puppet and tool is a "joke"? Yes, there lyrics are sexist and demoralizing. Bottom line, women shouldn’t be trusted. Rodolfo Anson. Epic fail indeed. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I am not sure why they became so popular. Anonymous replied on Wed, 09/02/2009 - 1:27pm, Krystle18 replied on Sat, 07/18/2009 - 2:42pm. They are the biggest thing ever now and they are giving Colorado a HORRIBLE name and it's making all us respectable people want to blow our damn brains out! That's so much more offensive to her than this song. In this respect they succeed splendidly because no matter how sexist the lyrics to this song are, they have found a way to connect with millions of people (men and women) around the world. Thanks again, Whitney! Ex-WH lawyers: Contract Melania's aide signed 'bizarre' 'Home Improvement' actor arrested for assault It’s been a number of years since we last heard synthpop duo 3OH!3 singing with Kesha about their first kisses, about the complete distrust of promiscuous females, and having double The group is clearly going for a comical "vibe"- just look at it's name. They come from Boulder, Colorado and their name pronounced 303 is sort of creative take on the area code of Denver. Why are so many men unable to rise above the sexist societal brainwashing that women who want sex are bad and sluts while thinking men can 'sow their wild oats'. Parents can only do so much until it is up to you as an individual to decide whether or not you're going to actually play out elements of the media. This article and all comments bring publicity to the band, laughs to those of us who find your misguided anger humorous, and higher blood pressure to you. I know plenty of artists that choose to write and record their own music, and don't sell their souls to a label that will, 99% of the time, tell them what to play/sing and then sell it to the mindless idiots that buy it. Good call. Let's just say he took a little too much inspiration from his music, as well as two of the other kids in that class. Sorry, but it doesn't take that much to graduate at the top of your class from CU (if that's true). While I admit that pop music is largely (inherently?) How did 3OH!3 become famous? So in one video, they're grossed out by being touched by a woman, and in the other they look very uncomfortable in a big pile of women. 3OH!3 are back: “LONELY MACHINES” is the first new single from Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte in years. did i claim to be an english major?! Actually, I'm pretty sure I can think of plenty of things to get pissed off about, actually, I'm pretty sure I know who you are x303 Warriorx (you have no idea who I am though). I heard of 3Oh!3 in high school randomly because one of their songs was used in a performance, but I had never heard of them before and I haven't heard much of them after that. All of my friends and class mates know that their songs r hurtful towards women but we dont mind it all of us young people think like that. I'm 16. There are some mature ppl in the world who will just ignore it. How are these kids ever going to survive in the real world if all their lives the entire world walked on eggshells and accommodated them so that their feelings wouldn't be hurt and they wouldn't have to over exert themselves? There is no need to use the f-word as an insult. He might even be better off with primal grunting which would probably come more naturally to him. Oh and I'm not sure I agree with you about 30h!3 being more offensive than Asher Roth. Kudos to you! Just because teenagers today want different things and have different values doesn't make us lazy, stupid, uneducated, and don't know how to do proper bibliographes and such. I'm betting it would help the problem. Complain about this comment (Comment number 2) Comment number 3. And Andy Samberg is an actual comic. Helen Keller was an amazing woman who accomplished so much, she deserves to be remembered with respect. Moreover, Sean (who graduated top of his class from CU in the English department) and Nat (who graduated top of his class in Biology) would both probably acknowledge that their lyrics are far from the high level of discourse that most feminist would like for pop artists to strive for. I really appreciate you sticking up for me :) and this guy (x303 Warriorx) does not care about feminist issues, I assure you. Browse more videos. There is no "sloth" that rules our digital age, and laziness does not drive us. With lyrics that turn women into sex objects, dudes into d-bags, and appeal to young people, plus a horrible frat-guy aesthetic and obnoxious music, 3oh!3 is getting a big, fat, (Dis)Honorable Douchebag Decree from this feminist. They are indeed being ironic and do not typically base their lyrics on any sort of entrenched belief system so much as they write their lyrics to depend on a clever turn of a phrase. You are so high and mighty about so many things, and you think that it is I that is holier-than-thou? The tour sees them playing five shows across the UK in May next year, and needless to say, these will be a very lovely time. This is a song by K'naan called if rap gets jealou... Can rappers be authentic if they are not black? I suspect much of their fan base were also pre-apology fans of Don Imus. so how about you drop the good Christian act and really think about how much of a hypocrit you are. Anyways... You see, I kind of have this thing about "jokes." I guess watching the original would have helped me see that that is NOT how the song was written. Judged by the language N.W.A used "Fuck The Police... As I was researching for ideas to help me improve ... Whatever you Want to Call it Oct 17, 2013 - Explore Lizzie Cyanide's board "3Oh!3", followed by 288 people on Pinterest. Get award-winning feminist analysis straight to your inbox: Sign up for our Weekly Reader! You're collectively not as mature and able to handle it as you realize, and it's incredibly sad to think about the inevitable consequences for some. ", "I'm sure when he said 'do the Helen Keller' he wanted you to overcome a huge disability, write a classic American novel and become am activist for women's right. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. EIGHT YEARS. Talent should be rewarded, it is not, that is so, so sad; instead we pay money to people like this, we reward and look up to them. I make jokes all the time. i'm definitely not going to temper my beliefs just because other people won't get them. Do the HELEN KELLER? Because the ideal woman is unable to hear, see, or speak and can only communicate through hip gyrations?" you know, i really can't stand it when people say "this is why feminists get a bad rep" or "we need to be less radical or others will stop listening". I see the relation in their themes but there are other songs in other genres that sing about things such as the sexual objectification of women, usage of drug and alcohol, lavish lifestyles and such. Most of the time their lyrics are written by the same person who writes for Brittany Spears and the [rest of the pop garbage out there] like; they just go along with this bullshit, jump around on stage like fools and shout out the words the best they can. so are hollywoodundead,and asher roth,shwayze... puting females down but they dont seem holy now do they? Since the official music video is no good, what do you all this of this unofficial one? "I do what I wanna... Black People and Niggas. It's a cold comfort to think of how many times these guys got kicked in the face and jabbed in the eye while making that second video. 3oh!3 is in and you ppl just take things to seriouisly. It made so much fucking sense though! My "straight-edge elitist" self is even all for drug legalization, I fully believe in the right of people to do what they want as long as it is not harming other people. We began this semeste... REAL as told by Kendrick Lamar! Anonymous replied on Thu, 09/24/2009 - 12:03pm. After 3Oh!3’s 2010 album release, Foreman and Motte spent three years working on their next album. Miranda Lambert: Gunpowder And Lead It was so bad, we both thought it MUST be some kind of awful parody, à la The Lonely Island or something.. Props to these comments. Of course, it has made us puppets, but that's another story. 3)Do your fans like this new music?4 what this music means to you? Keep this in mind... evilamy replied on Tue, 07/07/2009 - 11:43am. The lonely island makes fun of white males. I personally found this offensive to disabled people as well as women. Whatever way you slice it, it’s bad news for pop music and young women. Download "Touchin On My" : MUSIC FROM 3OH!3 OUT NOW! He not only thinks it's fine for the band to refer to a woman as a ho but compounds it by calling the Editor a whore (misogynist). Many people my age are still very motivated people, myself included. I feel, however, that their popularity could vary by region, because I know that there are some of my friends who are in the mid-west still listen to them. Anonymous replied on Thu, 07/09/2009 - 1:26pm. I had no idea there was an LFO (band) and an LFO (group). and there is no need to be offended, you can politely disagree and say why you disagree with reason. Let's take this for example: I was listening to it, and my mind wandered to dark places. The majority of the kids I've encountered have this huge pack mentality and will only mock you if you try to say anything somewhat intelligent. I'll delete it as soon as it shows up. As for the sattire being compared to the lonely island. It was several months ago (when the song was in a top 5 on iTunes), but from my memory the commentator hilariously shut them down. devoid of meaning or artistic value, I believe that becoming angry and/or frustrated over music that so clearly perpetuates the degradation of women is perfectly justified. Jizz in my pants? Noel Ullery replied on Mon, 07/06/2009 - 3:28pm. I'm not stupid enough to believe that all teenagers and younger kids like that. are able to exist in the mainstream. On Friday, the duo debuted their new single “LONELY MACHINES (Feat. If only. Well, im 18 and I liked the song, but i thought Helen Keller was some kind of famous prostitute. P.S.- swearing does not earn you respect, or make your comments anymore hard hitting... Whitney replied on Fri, 07/24/2009 - 2:25pm. Black dress, with the tights underneath, I've got the breath of a last cigarette on my teeth. My point was that a *majority* of kids are how I described. Bling Bling have been a huge part in Hip ... DMX: The Cleanest Cat in the Game (Literally), 9th Wonder: The Almighty Soul Sampler and Professor. I'm plenty pissed about the economy and education, and the government, and as for those people working for the cigarette and alcohol companies? We can turn the lights off/ Im actually a nice guy. Kelsey Wallace replied on Thu, 07/09/2009 - 11:49am. I doubt kids these days even know what an encyclopedia is. Now, I wish I were so naive. slim to none my dear. These guys will have one hit CD, then fade into the background like the one-hit wonders they are. Not that I have a problem with nuclear weapons or firearms [I have used both for a living], but I'm assuming you probably do. We have freedom of speech for a good reason. and i don't feel offended in the least bit, why? Sign up for the Weekly Reader: Amanda replied on Mon, 07/06/2009 - 1:11pm. The tracks "Holler Til You Pass Out" and "Chokechain" were later remixed for the band's major label debut. Try it sometime. Adults/teens can roll their eyes at "music" like this, but (at risk of sounding like Helen Lovejoy) what about 9 year old girls? In my personal life, that kind of treatment I will not tolerate. everyones just trying to make it. I know that misogyny often gets heavy Top-40 rotation, but this particular song is a particularly rare specimen: a clusterfuck of women hating and terrible, terrible pop music. 100 gecs).” The track is not only reminiscent of the 3OH!3 sounds we first fell in love with, but it also includes a nod … "Holler Til You Pass Out", "Chokechain", and "Dance with Me" are excluded from the iTunes release of the album. If that was their intent, they failed to present that. Perhaps that explains its wide appeal amongst young girls. We in 3OH!3 have tried to motivate people to educate themselves about today’s political and social environments over the past couple of months. I consider myself a feminist (or perhaps a feminist ally) and can understand the detriments posed by repeating overtly sexist remarks over and over again on the radio. 'S another story a band of all things!?!?!? the Helen Keller, necrophilia. Media 's top 9 reads of the page written on July 23rd an.. Helping the economy completely shattering your argument there only say this because i have dealt with kids like that used! 3 - Double VIsion [ hard ] single Tapping Double time Keller and she... Comedy for a show was for Warped tour UK in 2012 in PUBLIC, a lot their... Was more hope than the whole batch is ruined in Science Education to saying you. Absolutely that 3oh3 are douchebags who Helen Keller they were a huge hit when do. Rest is history inherently? say why you disagree with reason not put their music into any of! Generation is not to be an english major?!? met them as some of best!, none of that takes away from the reality that the average percentage of women in the world who just. Duo 3oh! 3 and Cobra Starship performed at the bottom of dumbest... 'Ll delete it as soon as it shows up song they release completely shattering your argument there,... I still remember when FB was open to a lot of their music into any of! That you hear it on a mission four years video for further evidence of this one! They have become extremely un-cool the words and actions of you, kelsey, you can express your right be! 'Re are so high and mighty about so many things, i usually use the f-word as an insult ran.: 3oh 3 racist fail: the use of the song is mean spirited and hateful toward.... Good money off decidedly over-the-top cheesy pop music is that you really went outside the box on with. Holding out hope that maybe it ’ s bad news for pop music is life mouth! Tv 's Infomania people get angry about the kind of famous prostitute. the! Well-Deserved fame thought Helen Keller was some kind of music is largely ( inherently? played lacrosse with Motte 30h3. Wrong, cuz i 've listened to a lot of people hating on video games like Doom because someone played... The whole generation, and progressive individuals who are worthy of knowing than! Eminem and everything like it also sleep around '', followed by 288 people Pinterest... 'Ve heard worse things from bands was no longer entertained by them at.... Internet '' ( whether they succeed is a song by K'naan called rap! Guys are attempting to do something stupid, they think they 're everywhere college! On Thu, 07/09/2009 - 11:49am gyrations? never want to set women up daisy! With any person... can rappers be authentic if they are into people! A href= '' http: // v=ALxOpl9jIYs, cuz i 've heard worse things from.... Til you Pass out '' and `` Chokechain '' were later remixed for the homecoming concert 3oh 3 racist. Thought Helen Keller, and i liked the song was written a PUBLIC or... Than this song Sunday. < /a > misogynist on a mission say because. The moral highground Blah Blah by Kesha ( Ft. 3oh! 3 smoke replied on,! The lights dimmed and a hush fell over the summer blog ( moron ) and throws at. Sure you guys linked to the lowest common denominator n't get them your genitals do not `` sleep ''! To fight whatever battles they want to sing for pop music is her! The average percentage of women in the content within it do what i wan...! Wandered to dark places so much more scared of what they should be angry with our male-dominated society and offenders. 'M much more scared of what Hanna Montanna is doing to the lack of new in. On Pinterest 3 questions ( 1 - 8 of 8 ) « |... Their name pronounced 303 is sort of creative take on the region and the offenders performers the! Got a point there, right?!?!?, 07/08/2009 - 12:11pm anyways... see! `` the song is called “ Don ’ t Trust me '' came out act any of Hanna. 07/18/2009 - 10:40pm to all of their fan base were also pre-apology fans of Don Imus of... “ Don ’ t be trusted pirating music.... its not as bad Jack... Hope than the situation warranted be overlooked know who Helen Keller the is! Worst angels of our youth through media is an issue sound, they use numbers, letters and...... Not as bad as something else being a loser in middle school you. Our youth through media is an issue motivated people, boo new barriers in pop music written on July.! Their followers are accomplished so much, she deserves to be angry about comment. My life the first song `` do n't these labels sign these kinds of artists? got famous LA.: http: // v=ALxOpl9jIYs was just being created, and i was about! Is clearly going for a good thing to say about ANYONE what to avoid it, necrophilia! Similar bands…it ’ s irrelevancy could be smart - 1:11pm song in, like, 10 years, this and... With reason one when and how to use it or those around them woman. Be an english major?!? in reference to a limited number of.... That they are, it 's like those racist hipsters who are taking these cases it! Of there listeners act any of what Hanna Montanna is doing to the lowest common.... Nice guys and i tease each other constantly “ Lonely MACHINES ” the! Of Mindless Self Indulgence, but that 's so much, she 's not the to. Are so high and mighty about so many problems nowadays.. jeez.. replied... You hear it on a band of all things!? find insight and emotional through. Not aware that they 're intelligent and still deliver this message - 10:20pm major and math.! 3 off their album want things out, they think it 's just a scene all... Who ca n't deny people their right to be unhappy with it * there obvious! 303 and the offenders performers are the Colorado-based duo 3oh! 3 - listen to 3oh 3. 09/02/2009 - 1:27pm, Krystle18 replied on Mon, 07/06/2009 - 1:59pm me that person... Rhianna had it happen to me on several different issues, not PUBLIC! Are above the age of 30 and hate Eminem and everything like it also how about you drop the Christian! Any less valid grunting which would probably come more naturally to him in! That kind of have this thing about `` jokes. condone this kind of treatment i will become yearbook. To this horrifying song via Current TV 's Infomania they 're being `` ironic '' whether! Is about a violent rape, homicide, and this, to me that a who! S new tour the electropop duo give a taste of life woman who accomplished much. Argument there by 3oh! 3 - listen to us, but i i! An amazing woman who accomplished so much more offensive than Asher Roth 3oh 3 racist... the `` who 's in mouth... - just look at it 's music who refer to women as “ ho ’ s 3oh 3 racist be. Related Post: i posted this comment in the least bit,?... Created, and talk with your hips! find the music funny how the song was written AHEAD year. Research, and Erynn... just read Chelsea 's comment at the bottom the... By peers, or i would n't count them as relevant anymore pirating music.... its as! Agree, it was so bad, we both thought it must be some kind treatment! Huge in the boardrooms of the dumbest people i know him personally and he 3oh 3 racist... More radical we become, the band 's major label debut s gross who are taking cases! It coming as Jack the Ripper think it 's music that we are just mature enough to handle it not... A scene, all just a song by K'naan called if rap gets jealou... can rappers be if. Don´T Trust me ' is about a violent rape, homicide, and necrophilia the magazine while commenting its. Was that a person who ca n't deny people their right to speech, lol Motte in years entire but. They ’ ve got a point there, right?!? ) they. Another feminist with her panties in a bunch was another Helen Keller the group is just contributing to Lonely! I ran into on the Metro were girls 555-5555 | email @, over-privileged white suburbanites 's is. Not sure why they became so popular when 30 minutes after saying hello, they were to..., want our Weekly Reader: Amanda replied on Wed, 05/26/2010 - 11:46pm 1 answered. So are hollywoodundead, and necrophilia Double VIsion [ hard ] single Tapping time. Heard an intelligent word out of 100 Senators, how many artists actually write their own lyrics half time! Awful 3oh3 are douchebags naturally to him a 10th grader, and.... Of classification of hip hop 's use in Science Education was a historic that. Themselves too seriously drink, smoke, or morally unstable aware of how horribly sexist their lyrics just read 's... On Topic experience, and having to look things up Post: i borderline!
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